Work in progress

We are establishing a pipeline of academic and translational research projects that complement each other with the goal of developing novel anti-aging therapies. Under this scheme, the basic knowledge obtained about the process of aging is rapidly transformed into innovative strategies to develop the next generation of anti-aging molecules capable of slowing down or reversing the aging process.


Academic Research






  • Evaluating the relevance of premature aging models for aging research
  • Investigating the amelioration of aging by in vivo reprogramming
  • Establishing novel epigenetic clocks
  • Investigating the physiology of aging
  • Developing novel mouse models for induction of tissue-specific reprogramming
  • Studying the role of epigenetic dysregulation as driver of aging
  • Analyzing the improvement of aging hallmarks by reprogramming
  • Discoverying novel reprogramming factors for the reversal of aging